Celebrating the 2nd Annual Purpose x Profit (PxP) Conference, hosted by Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles

December 14, 2018


When leaders and professionals come together seeking to advance the common good through the vehicle of business and the art of storytelling, you've likely had the incredible opportunity to attend a Conscious Capitalism event!

On December 11, 2018 the Los Angeles chapter of Conscious Capitalism (CCLA) hosted the 2nd Annual Purpose x Profit Conference at NeueHouse in Hollywood - and Pledgeling was honored to play a leading role in this incredible day.

With a hefty dose of inspiration, practical tips in leading with purpose, tangible stories of success (and failure), encouragement and networking - this year's event brought together a diverse group of change-makers and trailblazers!

Our CEO, James Citron is a founding member of CCLA's Inaugural Advisory Council. And our own Cassie Fowler, Chief Impact Officer, is also VP of the CCLA Executive Board. These two dynamic leaders along with a few other team members worked together to inspire and facilitate a variety of things throughout the conference.


We opened the day-long conference by Cassie introducing our friends and grand-prize winners of this year's Water Abundance XPRIZE, Laura & David Hertz, Co-Founders of Skysource - creating clean drinking water from thin air. XPRIZE was established "to help the global crowd, be they experts or laypeople, old or young, to create the breakthroughs that pull the future forward. XPRIZE creates incentive competitions to entice the crowd to take action, and bring us closer to a world of Abundance." Using 100 percent renewable energy, the Water Abundance XPRIZE seeks to create decentralized, affordable access to water, whenever and wherever people need it. We applaud Laura & David Hertz, for truly making an impact locally and globally through their amazing inventions, and being awarded this high honor! Learn more about Skysource HERE .

Pledgeling also hosted the first ever Tech Impact Lab and break-out session for attendees to meet some incredible entrepreneurs who are changing the world in dynamic ways from right here in Los Angeles. The partners included Discovery TV, Skysource, LA Urban Farms, This Bar Saves Lives and Green Wealth Energy Solutions. I encourage you to click the links to these forward thinking and acting businesses to learn more about their products showcased in the tech lab! Attendees had the opportunity to learn about and hear first hand how each began their journey and the impact they are making today.


Our friends at LA Urban Farms shared how one simple self-contained, vertical garden feature that uses recycled water can produce over 50 lbs of produce from just about anywhere. Check out how their locally-grown nutrient-dense organic produce can be harvested in about half the time of traditional organic farming!

We also heard from the founder, Ariel Fan, of the first female-owned LED lighting company, GreenWealth Energy Solutions, to obtain a government contract based in Los Angeles. Ariel shared her personal journey and 'ah-ha' moment in launching her business, as well as the importance and good that LED lighting provides, including a 50-90% reduction in electrical costs, reduced heat inside buildings, increased life-span from 6 mos to 5-7 years, and providing additional cost savings - not to mention eliminating the need for exposure to toxic chemicals such as mercury which is found in traditional light bulbs.

Copy-of-PXP-blog.pngIn the afternoon, James took the main stage for a Q&A with MC Corey Blake and then moderated a dynamic panel of IMPACT TRAILBLAZERS which included Jessica Beatus (Discovery, Inc), Victor Cho (Evite), Sharleen Ernster (We are HAH) and Paul Yoo (This Bar Saves Lives). Each leader shared some practical tips and advice they've learned along the way with respect to leading with purpose:

  • Victor shared that as a CEO of Evite, he felt compelled to integrate mission as a leader because he and his company were in a position to partner with their users and provide the opportunity to give back in a way that would be extremely meaningful and highly personal. He encouraged everyone who is in a position of leadership to simply focus on Impact. To date, Evite has given back over $10 Million dollars raised by Evite Donations, powered by Pledgeling.
  • Sharlene, a former senior executive at high profile fashion companies, shared her desire to help transform an ethically wasteful fashion industry by ensuring that her newly launched swimwear, lingerie and apparel company We Are HAH is committed to being a socially and ecologically conscious manufacturer and retailer. In addition, HAH gives back to their community locally, currently donating directly to victims of the recent California Wildfires through our Shopify app "Give & Grow" by Pledgeling.
  • Paul, the CEO of This Bar Saves Lives (TBSL), shared the importance and value of a corporate mission, where employees are wholeheartedly committed to both the success of the company in order to ensure the success of the cause. This can be challenging when businesses is tasked with a dual purpose to communicate both their product value and their purpose - with equal measure.  In this case, TBSL seeks to put an end to malnutrition, especially in places where acute malnutrition ends the lives of children daily in Haiti and in the Horn of Africa. To date, over 10 Million life-saving food packs have been provided as a result of sales from TBSL products. And that number is growing by the minutes, as you can witness on their website via a real-time Impact Calculator, powered by Pledgeling.
  • Jessica at Discovery shared the value and impact that the broadcast giant has experienced by integrating mission across their channel partners and programming, and inviting both viewers and employees to join them in giving back. Jessica highlighted Discovery's amazing programs that range from Project CAT in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, to the ability to generate donations through a simple Text-to-Donate call to action for everything from animal rescue to disaster relief. Jessica also gently reminded us that along the journey we may not always get it just right, but we always have the ability to make a positive impact.
If you would like to learn more about integrating mission into your brand or business, we'd love to talk to you! Contact us today - the team at Pledgeling is ready to help you begin or expand your efforts to grow through giving.

P.S. Throughout the conference, Pledgeling also provided our mobile messaging services for attendees to access the CCLA Activator Kits and tools. Text PXP to 707070 to check it out. If you're interested in joining Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles, text CCLA to 707070 to learn more.