How to Grow Your Holiday Online Store Business by up to 20% by Giving Back

October 19, 2018


You've worked hard to build your business and you want to give back to causes that you and your customers care about. But running an online store is hard work, and requests for donations are coming fast and furious as the holiday season approaches, which can be overwhelming. The solution? GIVE & GROW by Pledgeling!

GIVE & GROW provides Shopify stores the ability to integrate an easy solution to power donations and share impact, and it only take a few minutes to get started. The app handles all the back-end work that comes with charitable giving so you have time to focus on your store during the busiest time of year. Integrate donations and watch your business grow through giving all season long.

Generating donations through your store is EASY, here’s how GIVE & GROW works:

  • Choose your cause. You can designate up to 12 causes (though we recommend that you simplify it and pick 1-4) and choose from over 200,000 accredited and verified charities in our database. If the organization you want to support is not there, it can easily be added! Check out CrushXO’s giving commitment HERE on their site.
  • Designate a single item, a collection or determine a set % or $ amount from every sale. Perfect for Holidays Sales and events such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday campaigns! See how family-owned MadiKay store plants a tree for every wood print order sold, see it HERE.
  • Easily collect donations through your cart for designated cause(s). See how Sweet Bottoms Baby gives back to children’s charities HERE.
  • Give your customers the choice of who to give to by selecting one of the causes provided or splitting the donation equally among them. Take a look at how AsherKate supports 3 awesome charities with their women’s store HERE.
  • Get a detailed report of each donation on your dashboard to see your real-time impact.
  • Download tax receipts for easy tracking and reporting, to save you valuable time.
  • Integrate an impact calculator on your store and share with your customers how together you’re making a difference in the world! Yoga Club provides a yoga class to a child in need with every yoga box delivered. See their impact calculator in action HERE!
  • Create a dedicated landing page and share your mission with your customers. See how Zox is donating a year of drinking water with every purchase of their products year round and sharing their mission HERE.
The bottom line is simple: businesses who give back have a more positive image with 92% of consumers, and 88% of people are more loyal to a business that gives back which leads to increased revenue. (Source: Cone Communications CSR Study, Babson Project ROI Report, 2017)

Don’t just take our word for it, the co-founder of Yoga Club shares that integrating GIVE & GROW to their store led to a 20% increase in revenue. In other words, it’s a good thing to  “wear your heart on your sleeve!” In fact, a majority of today’s customers will switch to a competitor’s brand because of a cause, which means it’s important to not only roll up your sleeves and do the hard work to run a successful business, but aligning with a cause and integrating it into your customer experience is equally good for business.   Pledgeling can help you make this the most impactful Season of Giving ever. Download GIVE & GROW from the Shopify App Store HERE and get started TODAY! If you’re a Shopify Plus partner or seeking a customized solution, contact us and we’ll help you get started. Thank you for joining us in the #pledgetodogood and happy giving!