Phil Benavides

Why did you choose to take the #PledgeToDoGood?

At Pledgeling we help generate new donation dollars by inserting charitable giving in a place it didn’t exist before. Working for Pledgeling is one of those jobs where you can sleep well at night knowing what you do helps make a positive difference in the world. For the first time I feel like the hard work and effort I put in is not only for myself and my team, but benefits people all over the world.

What three causes are you most passionate about?

Growing up I was always taught to feed people and offer them something to drink. Food and water are basic necessities to life, which we in the US are fortunate to have an abundance of, and yet we still have people who die from a lack of these basic resources. Unlike some diseases, food and clean water is a problem we are capable of solving today, and thus we should have an obligation as fellow human beings to help one another.

Another very important cause to me is providing education and preparation for higher education to lower income students. Many lower income families face challenges that cause them to either lower education as a priority, lack the financial means to afford higher education, and/or have not learned how to properly prepare and motivate their kids for higher education. I myself came from humble beginnings, but was fortunate to have several people in my life to motivate me and help steer my priorities.


Posted by Hannah Press