Supporting Causes through T-Shirts

August 23, 2018

Shanda Aleiwe is the woman behind the popular clothing brand, Alley and Rae apparel. Not only are the clothes cute and comfortable, she has incorporated her passion for helping others into the brand. In her early twenties Shanda sponsored a young girl from Bolivia. This experience inspired her to weave impact into her daily life and eventually, her business. She continued giving back and inspiring others and in 2015, Shanda was nominated as a Woman of the Year Candidate. She worked hard with her fellow candidates to raise money and continue making an impact.   Her Shopify store, Alley and Rae was the perfect place to unite two of the things she loves: t-shirts and giving. By incorporating the app, Give & Grow, Shanda is able to seamlessly integrate giving into her business.

In her own words, in an ideal world giving back would be so much more and on a much larger scale than it is now.

She is providing a meal to someone in need with every purchase and just passed 12,000 meals donated! But her sights are much higher, hoping to move that number into six figures and beyond -- inspiring others to give back with their businesses so we can work together to end hunger. As for the people behind the scenes? Shanda is incredibly thankful to her customers for allowing her to give back and contribute to a much larger impact story. You can follow them on insta @alleyandrae to see their awesome T’s and feel-good cause!