Nonprofit access

Questions? Read our nonprofit help articles or open a support ticket .

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If you work for a nonprofit that is already listed in Pledgeling's nonprofit database, requesting staff access to your nonprofit gives you access to Pledgeling's Impact Hub, where you have access to donor and donation information, the ability to edit your nonprofit's public facing profile, and gain access to fundraising tools like Pledgeling's embeddable, mobile donations widget.
Nothing! Requesting staff access to your nonprofit and gaining access to Pledgeling's Impact Hub is free.
If you don't know your nonprofit's EIN, you can search for it on GuideStar.
Currently Pledgeling works with 501(c)(3) organizations. Check back periodically, however, as we are always expanding our offering and may start to work with other types of organizations in the future as well.
Yes. Multiple people can request staff access the same nonprofit. If staff access to a nonprofit's profile on Pledgeling has been requested, the first person to send a request receive the email requests to grant access to additional staff members. The initial person to request access to the nonprofit also has an administrator role, which allows them to invite others to have access to the account as well. More than one person can have an administrator role.
Not unless you’re also on the nonprofit’s staff. If you’re using Evite, check your Evite account’s “Activity” tab to see donations.
Please visit our support website for more information.