Engage customers

Brands today must do good to do well

Meaningful purpose. Sounds nice, right? Consumers agree.

The strongest businesses all share the same advantage: an engaged customer base. Now more than ever, buyers are choosing to spend their time and money on brands that share their purpose. The fact is, ‘social responsibility’ is no longer a feel-good phrase for conference room chatter, it’s a modern matter of survival. We’re here to help you turn that talk to action.

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Boost your
bottom line

64% of consumers feel it is important to buy goods or services from socially responsible companies.1

your sales

Companies that integrate purpose into their business see an average 11% increase in sales versus their competitors.2

Make yourself
stand out

85% of millennials are willing to recommend a brand based on their social good efforts.1

How it works

We make it easy for your brand to do good by integrating charitable giving into your customer’s experience.

Pledgeling is a social enterprise that empowers brands to add mission and purpose into their products. Our mobile-first fundraising platform and programs have supported tens of thousands of consumers, brands, and nonprofits to influence change and raise critical funds for thousands of major causes.

Customer engagement exists at the intersection of data and art.

There’s no one right way to create a space for your customers and brand to merge; each company requires a personalized impact strategy and a human touch. The marketplace demands it, separating the brands we love from those we tolerate. And talk about incentives: consumer trust, growth in sales, increased order value, greater return visits, and a higher likelihood of referrals. And all of this leaves out the best part, the chance to make your mark on the world. We’re here to help ensure your impact is authentic to your business and your audience.

Our recommended solutions

Native Product Integration

Create opportunities for your users to give back without leaving your platform.

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Cause Marketing

Who you support defines who you are, let your giveback efforts reflect your mission.

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E-commerce Plugins

Invite customers to join your movement for good by activating donations in their shopping carts.

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Text to Donate

One-touch engagement across platforms connects audiences.

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Impact Calculator

Empower customers by showing their contribution toward a greater good.

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