Measure your impact

Quantify your giving with impact metrics

They’re an invaluable tool used to measure progress, reach goals, and create positive reinforcement. Giving is often an abstract concept, but the correct tools demonstrate a value that is able to be reported and shared across platforms.

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your good

There is growing demand for companies to report out on their environmental, social, and governance progress.

real-time impact

78% of millennial donors want to see how their donation is making an impact.1

geographic reach

Donors want to see where their money ends up and who it affects.

Share your impact with transparency

Pledgeling helps close the loop by showing donors where their money is going and translating their dollars given into representative impacts. Whether it’s planting trees, providing meals to families in need, or any of the other millions of causes you can support, your donors will rest assured knowing that their money is being properly appointed.

Our recommended solutions

Impact Calculator

Embed and display the real-time impact on your site.

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Impact Map

Show your geographic reach by and display real-time impact by region.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Track your impact against the UN SDGs to demonstrate your global citizenship.

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Impact Hub

Use the data to identify trends and tell the story of your impact.

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