Metro NY Chapter Of The U.S National Committee For UN Women

230 Park Place, Apt. 6E,
Brooklyn, NY 11238-4327,

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We believe women everywhere have the right to survive and thrive. With the U.S. National Committee for UN Women, the Metropolitan New York Chapter works towards raising public awareness and funds to support UN Women's projects around the world, enhancing women's economic security and rights, ending violence against women, reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among women and girls, and advancing gender justice in democratic governance in stable and fragile states.

The Metropolitan New York Chapter was founded on October 25, 1987. It is comprised of more than 160 members and over 2,200 newsletter subscribers of all ages and professions throughout the New York City area - around the five boroughs, and from New Jersey to Long Island. Professional backgrounds include non-profit, NGOs, science and research, medicine, technology, marketing & advertising, branding, law, government, finance, fashion, music and the arts, and with titles ranging from intern, mid-level management, and all the way up to Executive and C-Suite level leadership.