British Virgin Islands (BVI) Recovery Fund
Official Program of the BVI Tourist Board

The destruction caused by Hurricane Irma in the British Virgin Islands on September 6, 2017 has been devastating. The destination has lost entire structures and many homes are without roofs, or have been diminished to mere foundations. We want to thank everyone for their outpouring of support for the BVI Community. The people of the British Virgin Islands are resilient and we are confident we will be able to rebuild.

When you donate to the BVI Recovery Fund, you are helping those suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Irma.

All funds raised will go towards rebuilding the territory after the storm's devastation, and helping the people who have lost everything due to the destruction of Hurricane Irma. Donate whatever you can to help the survivors of Hurricane Irma.

Please find our listing of openings by island:

For Marina updates please find information here.

Government of the Virgin Islands Official Irma Relief Fund.

Thank you for your support.

Grow with Us — Support the 'Seeds of Love' Initiative

Thanks to generous global efforts, The British Virgin Islands has made great strides in rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. There is an urgent need to replant the islands' indigenous trees and vegetation to protect the entire ecosystem.

We are asking for your support to make the Islands strong and green again. Inspired by the generosity of our Caribbean neighbor, St. Vincent and the Grenadines donation of 3,000 fruit trees, we have initiated the Seeds of Love Program. Through this effort we will implement an optimal planting plan and schedule; raise awareness and funds; organize volunteers and voluntourists to assist in replanting; and involve local and global communities in these important efforts.

Please grow with us by helping us replant our indigenous species to protect our environment for everyone's enjoyment

How can you help?

Donate: When you donate, your contribution goes towards the purchase of seedlings and saplings. These will be planted by BVI residents, guests, and local organizations. See where your plant was planted on our website.

Partner: We'd like to partner and collaborate with you to create awareness and drive participation through sponsorships, special events and other promotional activities. Please contact us to discuss possible partnership opportunities.

Join us in supporting our mission by spreading the 'Seeds of Love'.

To donate visit and for more information, visit

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen of the press. I am Sharon Flax Brutus. Director of Tourism for the still beautiful British Virgin Islands - and still Nature's Little Secrets. On September 6th, I experienced the longest 12 hours of my life and when it was done my husband Mark and I and our little puppy Passion had fled from our house as Hurricane Irma ravaged our home in Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands as the strongest Category 5 Hurricane ever to make landfall in the Caribbean. When she tore our roof off, we ran downstairs to our pump room hoping that the concrete roof would withstand the ravages. ...when the eye came, we ran to our neighbor whose roof was still on but all windows and doors on the eastern side of the home were blown out. For the next 3 hours, 4 adults, one little boy and 2 puppies prayed for the storm to burn itself out. We were down to one room with water pouring in wondering where we'd go if the roof didn't make it.

As we made our way out by foot the next day, I wept silently for our Islands and for the devastation that I saw but I and so many others were just grateful to be alive. I live on the island of Virgin Gorda and we had no communication with the rest of The British Virgin Islands for a few days.

When communication started to return and we began to get the reports and see the images, we realized that our beloved islands were dealt a devastating blow. Preliminary assessment puts damage to the tourism sector at over 3 billion dollars. After initial assessment of our tourism product on the main islands as well as the private islands, we determined that the British Virgin Islands would have to implement a phased approach to bring the islands back to the vibrant tourist destination they were. Pre-hurricane, BVI was poised to have another record breaking year and was anticipating the reopening of one of our flagship properties, Rosewood Little Dix Bay. We in the British Virgin Islands have prided ourselves on our brand integrity; a pristine destination filled with many of Nature's Little Secrets.

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The people of the British Virgin Islands are so grateful your support. We are happy to provide the following updates:

  • BVI Electricity Corporation Power Stations was fueled and power restored at Peebles Hospital, and sections of Main Street, and Wickham's Cay.
  • Daily deliveries of food to shelters, distribution points, and communities
  • Community meetings are being held to continue the damage and needs assessments
  • Digicel, CCT and Flow is now accessible in Road Town
  • With the assistance of the BVI and Cayman Police Force and British Royal Marines, over 100 prisoners have been returned to jail