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Together we've raised over $1 Million for thousands of charities.

Join us to raise another million this holiday season!

See How it Works

Brands today must do good to do well

Meaningful purpose. Sounds nice, right? Consumers agree.

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Boost Your Bottom Line

64% of consumers feel it is important to buy goods or services from socially responsible companies

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Increase Sales

Companies that integrate purpose into their businesses see an average 11% increase in sales versus their competitors

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Stand out from the Competition

85% of millennials are willing to recommend a brand based on their social good efforts

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"The combination of Evite’s scale with Pledgeling’s charitable giving platform has made it possible to turn any face-to-face gathering into a moment of positive social impact."

-Victor Cho, CEO, Evite

Here's How it Works

Doing good should never be a chore. Go ahead and leave all the boring stuff to us so you can focus on growing your business.

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Features and Benefits

Pledgeling provides the comprehensive set of tools & in-house expertise you need to launch, run & maintain a successful charitable giving program.

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We're Committed to Your Success

Our cause experts will help make sure you accomplish your program’s goals. One of our team members has given away ten million shoes to some good causes out there, so we know what we’re doing.

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Authentic & Branded Experience

Your brand is priceless. Your giving program needs to be too. The entire experience, from your donation form to your email receipts can be customized to match your brand’s look and feel.

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The Tax Man

Our platform automagically delivers tax-deductible receipts for all donations. In case anyone gets to feeling nostalgic, we can store them on-file forever and even remind your customers when that important date in April comes around.

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Donations and Getting Money to the Causes that Need it

Pledgeling handles all donation payment processing using industry-leading security and encryption, so you don’t have to. We deliver your customers’ donations each month to your chosen cause. No need to bother your Controller, we got this.

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Social Impact

We are the leading charitable giving platform that partners with nonprofits to track the dollars you’ve raised & report back on the positive impact your organization made.

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Trust and success

We've helped our partners build stronger relationships with their customers and raise money for hundreds of causes and over a thousand nonprofits.

We Love Our Cause Partners

We’ve raised money for thousands of nonprofits. When you select a cause and charity partner from the Pledgeling network, you know it’s an IRS-approved charity doing great work.

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Ready to change the world and grow your business?

Delight your customers by adding charitable donations, then demonstrate your company's impact by sharing your mission and results.

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