October 27, 2018



Morgan is an Evite Birthday Hero!  As the inspiration and founder of her very own non-profit organization, Morganizing for Change, at the ripe old age of 8, Morgan is already a veteran Birthday Hero.  For her 6th birthday, Morgan decided she didn’t need new toys and asked for donations to pediatric units instead. She received over 200 items to donate! For her 7th Birthday, she hosted a Tea Party with a Purpose. Packing 85 lunch bags with sandwiches, snacks, and water with her friends and delivering them to a local homeless shelter. On her Evite invitation, she gave her guests the opportunity to donate to the Lighthouse Shelter in Annapolis to help the homelessness.

This year for her 8th Birthday, Morgan invited guests to attend a huge Community Service Party that over 150 local residents attended. She helped organize 9 projects for the kids and their families to do/make during the party, which would benefit various local nonprofit organizations. Her Evite invitation enabled guests who could not attend to make a donation to the charities she designated. Activities at the party ranged from making a toy for a rescue dog for Goodwill of Greater Washington, messages of hope on lunch bags for the homeless for Light House Annapolis, making hair bows to go with wigs for Locks of Love and cards for pediatric patients at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Baltimore - and so much more.  Morgan shared "I could see that doing the activities made them so happy and they all stayed longer than they thought so they could do everything and help as much as possible." Her Mom Alison was really proud to see Morgan's vision come together, "The kids got really into the projects and felt so good about giving back, and the parents were thrilled to see their kids so involved in helping others. People left the party energized and inspired to change their world!"



BIRTHDAY HEROES UNITE! You can join Morgan and her Mom Alison, and become a Birthday Hero this year by encouraging donations through your Evite Invitation powered by Pledgeling.  You could choose to align the nonprofit with your party concept, or simply benefit a local organization or a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.


  1. Choose your theme and select a card
  2. Select ‘Add Donations’ to the invitation
  3. Choose a nonprofit
  4. Set a fundraising goal
  5. Guests can donate right on the invite
  6. Get notified when a donation is made

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! Want to donate your birthday? Get Started Here

As Morgan says “Kids’ hearts grow bigger when they give.” Clearly, Morgan (and Mom Alison) have really big hearts! Let’s join them in the #pledgetodogood Pledgeling is proud to partner with Evite to power donations that are making a positive impact on the world. To date, over $9 Million dollars have been raised through Evite Donations. PS - Want to learn more about us and be a part of the next big thing in social impact? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at