Help Those Impacted by Hurricane Florence in Minutes

September 14, 2018

Powerful Hurricane Florence is expected to have life-threatening impact as it strikes the East Coast this Friday. It is expected to bring heavy rain, winds, power outages and devastating flooding throughout the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia.

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If you are looking to launch a corporate donations program to raise funds for hurricane relief, please contact us at to set up your program. You can start fundraising in minutes! Here's how to launch a disaster relief program through Pledgeling:

Step 1: Pick a charity, or set-up a fund with multiple charities. Through Pledgeling, you can raise money for any US charity. Here are a few of the great organizations planning to respond and provide emergency relief and recovery services to those in need.

2.) Select the best product to launch your Hurricane relief program: 
  • Text to Donate Keyword: Try it out - Text HOME to 707070. Best for: TV, Live Events
  • Fundraising Page: Try it out - View our Anguilla Stronger fundraising page, which raised millions of dollars to help with the re-building effort, post Hurricane Irma. These are designed to be mobile-first, feature Apple Pay and have the simplest donation experience. Best for: Social Media & Online
  • Employee Matching Program: Looking to offer an emlp2.pngployee donation and matching program? We can help you launch a matching program in minutes & track donations in real time. Best for: Employee Engagement
  • Round-Up & Donate: Run an e-commerce business on Shopify? You can choose to integrate a donation at checkout, or donate a percent of sales for Hurricane Relief through Give & Grow. Best for: E-Commerce 
  • Throw a Party: Gather friends together and host a fundraiser, using Evite Donations, to benefit hurricane relief. Evite Donations is a free tool that turns any event into a fundraiser for the cause of your choice. Best for: In-Person Parties, Events evite.png





Pledgeling is committed to empowering mission-driven companies and individuals to achieve their greatest impact. Please contact if we can help you set-up your disaster relief program.

As always, thank you for joining us in the #PledgeToDoGood.