How a Unicorn, a Butterfly and a Chicken Help Save a Whale

December 14, 2018


Say what?  A unicorn, a butterfly and a chicken helped save a whale? That can’t be possible.  Oh, but it can! Don’t believe me?  Head on over to 24 Style on Shopify and see for yourself.

Because of the creative design genius of the 24 Style team, and their mission to make “every purchase have a purpose”, a unicorn, a butterfly, and a chicken really can help save a Whale.

Here’s how it works.  Every time you shop at 24 Style and purchase one of their truly unique fashion pieces, a dollar from each order will go to a worthy animal saving cause, like Ocean Conservancy.

Over the course of 30+ years, Ocean Conservancy has picked up over 220 million pounds of ocean trash, which is a direct threat to whales, turtles, dolphins and many others who call the ocean their home.  So when you purchase those 24 Style have-to-have fab pink unicorn high tops, or that beautiful linen butterfly tote, or warm, cozy chicken hoodie, you are actually helping to save that whale (or that puppy, kitten, elephant…).  Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty great.

Pledgeling is pleased to be supporting this eco-chic company with our turnkey GIVE & GROW app. “You shop.  24 Style gives”.  We love that motto, 24 Style!  So, just go shopping for that fun, funky, perfect gift for those special peeps in your life, and 24 Style will give, too. They have something for everyone, be it shoes, socks, hoodies, totes, jewelry, phone cases and more!  And remember, every time you place an order, a dollar goes to a worthy animal saving cause, including Ocean Conservancy (removes ocean trash), Best Friends Animals Society (no-kill dog/cat animal rescue), Loggerhead Marinelife Center (rescues/rehabs sea turtles), Big Life Foundation (protects elephants, rhinos, lions and other large animals against poachers).


Want to learn more about how your company or business can make the choice to be a 'Give Back' brand?  Store owners can easily download the GIVE & GROW app HERE and if you’re a business owner seeking to give back, please contact us directly @pledgeling to discuss all the options.  Both business and store owners can enjoy the app dashboard, where they can see real-time donation tracking, and save valuable time by downloading tax receipts for easy reporting, which saves valuable time.  In addition, owners have the option to integrate an Impact Calculator onto their site, so customers can instantly see and share the impact their donations are making with each purchase. Let Pledgeling help your business integrate mission with our user-friendly platform of tools for businesses of all sizes.

Pledgeling is committed to the passion of purpose and helping companies big and small simply and easily give back while growing their business. Contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities.