How to Promote A Fundraising Call to Action for Your Virtual Event

October 14, 2020

Promoting your virtual event and the fundraising call to action (CTA) are they keys to your success! Below are some tips and best practices to drive donations through your upcoming events.

Leading up to the Event:

You should include the call to action with any promotional or marketing materials, such as in email, on social media and in press materials. The call to action will be text to donate and/or a URL to engage your audiences.

During the Event:

While on-air, weaving in the CTA in a heartfelt way can increase engagement by 5x!

Many folks will be engaged and when the messaging includes storytelling about the organization(s) and the effect/impact being made on the world, it brings a sense of reality and transparency. Incorporating a personal appeal makes an incredible difference!

If you can, have the host or talent take out their phone and walk through the steps. Below is an example script:

"Everyone, take out your phone and join me. I'm going to text the word KEYWORD - to the number 707070 - that’s seven-zero-seven-zero-seven-zero - to make a donation! The funds will go to an incredible organization near and dear to our hearts (insert reason why). Wow, I just instantly got a text back, clicked the link & easily donated! We need your support now, more than ever, to truly make a difference. Please join me in making a donation."

We've seen a 70% lift in conversion when viewers are asked to donate by the MC/host/talent.

Make sure your call to action is promoted clearly and frequently throughout the event. Pledgeling provides real-time tracking of your donations and we suggest providing donation updates at key points in your event. Showing a goal (using our Virtual Donation Overlay) and encouraging folks and viewers to donate consistently also increases donor adoption.