How to Set Up Your Virtual Event & Donation Overlay

October 10, 2020

How to Set Up your Virtual Event and Donation Overlay

  1. Create your Pledgeling account.
  2. Once you have set up a Pledgeling account for your organization, you will have access to the Pledgeling Impact Hub. This is where you can:
    1. Create a new fundraiser / virtual event
    2. Create and manage fundraising tools
    3. Measure the performance of your fundraiser(s)
    4. Track donations
    5. Update your Public Profile

3. Create your Fundraiser Page

Pledgeling's Impact Hub is where you can create fundraising campaigns and find your donor data. Set up your virtual fundraising campaign by first determining if you would like to create a simple donation form or detailed donation page. Both options include:

  • Mobile promotion via Text-to-Donate
  • Apple Pay/Google Pay
  • 0% platform fee

Pledgeling does not take a percentage from the donation and operates on an optional tip model (only standard cc fees of ~2.9% +$.30 apply).

Pledgeling Donation Forms:

  • Simple & lightweight
  • Customizable URL and text to donate keyword for sharing
  • Embeddable into any website or landing page

Pledgeling Fundraiser Pages:

  • Customize the content by adding photos, embedding livestream videos and more
  • Customizable URL for your fundraiser / virtual event
  • Activate free Text-to-Donate to mobilize fundraising
  • Display a real-time donor feed (optional) and donation tracker
  • Make it a virtual event:
    • Integrate with Zoom (meeting / webinar)
    • Add virtual donation overlay
  • Share post-event updates

4. Install the Pledgeling Virtual Donation Overlay

Enhance your virtual fundraiser by adding the Virtual Donation Overlay to any live event hosted on Zoom or a virtual streaming platform. Display a live donation tracker for all your guests to see and inspire immediate donations through Text-to-Donate.

Once you create your fundraiser, you will find best practices for downloading the virtual camera software with OBS Studio in the Impact Hub. We have provided a detailed video tutorial and step-by-step instructions here.


Anyone who has downloaded the OBS Studio Virtual Camera can use the Virtual Donation Overlay during your Pledgeling fundraiser. Only the host needs to install the OBS Studio Virtual Camera; all attendees will be able to view the overlay by just joining the meeting.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs and Support