4 Ways You Can Easily Support Hurricane Irma & Other Disaster Relief Efforts

September 8, 2017

logo-hurricane-irma-animated-beatingheart2.gifThe past two weeks have been filled with unprecedented natural disasters - both in sheer number of disasters happening at once and in terms of the strength of each individual event. Our hearts are with every single person affected by the horrific hurricanes, fires, and floods throughout the world.

A lot of you have come to Pledgeling to ask how you can help victims of Hurricane Irma quickly and effectively. For immediate assistance with fundraising efforts, email relief@pledgeling.com and our team will connect with you right away.

Requests from businesses, governments, nonprofits & individuals like you have been pouring in, and we are listening to every need to help in every way we can. As a first step, we put together the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund with a variety of tools & options for you to utilize both personally and through your business to help with the relief efforts.

If you'd like to support an ongoing campaign, run your own relief effort, or use your business as a force for good, we have multiple FREE products for you to start using in minutes, including the following:

  1. Ask customers to text IRMA to 707070 We have set up a mobile campaign that anyone can easily support & share with their audiences, where every donation will help fund on the ground efforts for relief to the victims of Irma. Simply text the word IRMA to 707070 and click the link to make a donation. Your number will not be shared and you will never receive spam through our highly-secure service.phone-irma-t2sc.png
  2. Promote the Hurricane Irma Relief Fundraising page We created this fundraising page as a super simple and super shareable way for you to engage your audience on social media and through email marketing. Simply post this link (https://www.pledgeling.com/irma-relief-donations/) to help drive donations directly to those most in need.lp2.png
  3. Donate a percentage of your sales to the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund For business owners who want to make a commitment out of your own pocket to help the relief efforts, we’ve created a seamless way to do so, using our Impact Giving Toolkit. It’s a turnkey solution that can be customized within minutes to allow a portion of each sale to support the cause of your choice. It also includes an impact calculator to show your customers in real-time how much has been donated as a result of their purchases.impact2.png
  4. Host an Evite Donations fundraiser to benefit the Irma Relief Fund Gather friends together and host a fundraiser, using Evite Donations, to benefit the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund. Evite Donations is a free tool attached to every Evite invitation that turns any event into a fundraiser for the cause of your choice. Simply click on the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund to pledge your event to this cause & help those in need during this critical time. You can set a fundraising goal & your guests can simply donate through your event invitation, with no added work for you. evite.png
It is during these times of despair that we, as Americans, come together to help one another. We are here to support you in your efforts & we encourage you to use our tools or reach out to us directly by emailing relief@pledgeling.com if you have further ideas & opportunities to share.

As always, thank you for joining us in the #PledgeToDoGood.