Oh Baby! A Give & Grow Spotlight

August 16, 2018

Like many loving parents, there is nothing more important to Mandy than the health, happiness, and well being of her two girls. This unwavering love for her own children inspired her to use her store, Bug & Bees, to show that love to children all over the world. Through the Give and Grow app on Shopify, Mandy is donating 10% of Bug & Bees’ sales to Share Our Strength, Pearl S. Buck International, and Horizons for Homeless Children. These amazing nonprofits are tackling child hunger, international adoptions, and child homelessness.


“The coolest part is that as my business grows, so does my donation.  It gives me even more of a reason to put the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to create a successful business knowing that part of that work is going toward helping these sweet angels.”  You can support these organizations through https://bugandbees.com/ and if you are inspired for your organization to give back, download Give & Grow for free to start donating today. (and if you want adorable babies and toddlers in your insta feed, follow @bugandbees on Insta! 10/10 would recommend)Screen-Shot-2018-08-16-at-11.21.01-AM-300x113.png