Our Partners Pledge to Support Children in Need

September 4, 2019

Back to school season is here, which means it’s time to start gathering up all of the odds and ends on your school supply list. If you’re not too keen on running around a superstore, consider putting your school budget toward materials from companies who are paying it forward to causes in the world of education.

We’re going to spotlight a few of our partners who are moving things along for educational causes, whether that means providing access to education for girls or supporting the health and wellness of all students.

Take a peek at some of the Pledging nonprofits and companies who have pledged to grow through giving to children in need.

If any of these organizations stand out let us know how we can help you integrate them into your giving strategy!

Blessings in a Backpack

The United States is home to more than 13 million children who are at risk of going hungry. Blessings in a Backpack is an organization that seeks to remedy this by providing school-aged children with weekend meals. Where the school can feed a child during the week, this organization is doing what they can to provide every child in the country with something to fill their stomachs on the weekends.

It costs only $130 to provide a child with weekend meals for the whole school year. Donate to them here.

One of our partners, NameBubbles, is an e-commerce company that makes personalized labels and gives a portion of each sale to charity. NameBubbles has made giving a cornerstone of their businesses and have pledged to donate $20,000 by July 2020!

Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise designs schools and curriculums around the world in an effort to provide children with safe, accessible education. They monitor their outcomes closely with a data-driven approach and adjust as needed. Where many companies support the efforts of children abroad, this one has feet on the ground, doing hard work every day to better the lives of others.

Pencils of Promise is supported by another great Pledgeling Partner called Letters from Afar, who have made a business out of delivering hand-written letters from some of the most spectacular places in the world.. What’s more, a portion of sales support Pencils of Promise! You can give to Pencils of Promise here.

Room to Read

Room to Read is an organization that is dedicated to academic achievement and gender equality for children in low-income areas. They contribute to the improvement of millions of children’s literacy scores as well as push to see girls complete secondary school.

Additionally, their efforts aim to add life skills that children need to succeed when they get out of school. They work hard to set and meet goals, all while making and sustaining community partnerships throughout the world. Their programs have benefited over 16 million children!

Join the movement to bring literacy and gender equality to millions of children. Contribute to their cause here.

Pledgeling powers the ability for you to support a charity with your event. Room to Read has received thousands of donations from Evite users. Pledgeling has disbursed over $40,000 to Room to Read from events created on Evite!

Are you a Business That Wants to Take it a Step Further?

Supporting any of these organizations is an excellent way to improve the lives of students who need the most help. If you’re wishing there were a way to do a little more this back to school season, though, you’re in luck.

Pledgeling works with all of these organizations, and we can work with you to incorporate giving into your business model. Imagine giving your customers the option to donate at checkout, helping the educational attainment of people around the world as well as giving your business a boost.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact us to find out how your business can Grow through Giving.

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