World Day of Social Justice: Companies Who Lead the Way

February 20, 2019

Social justice is an expansive term. It covers the rights of people across nationalities, genders, religions, abilities, and ethnicities. When we work for social justice, we're working for just opportunities and privileges for all people in addition to the absence of unjust barriers to those things.

There's a lot there. The United Nations General Assembly has deemed February 20th as "World Day of Social Justice." Here's a list of companies that are working to uphold and promote human dignity by tying social justice into their businesses.

1. Ben & Jerry's


Ben & Jerry's website boasts a laundry list of issues that the company cares about. The list isn't lip-service, either.

Since the company began, its mission has been to create the world's best ice cream, run a financially successful company, and make the world a better place. They've worked hard and succeeded at improving the world in ways that mattered to them.

For example, they pay each employee at least double the minimum wage, support same-sex marriage, seek to benefit refugees, and more.

2. Levi Strauss


Water scarcity is an issue that serves as a huge barrier to people in developing countries. Access to education and gender equality are only two of the major issues that are halted as a result of limited access to water.

Levi Strauss has committed to significantly reducing its use of water when producing jeans. The company aims to reduce 96% of its water usage on most products by 2020.

They've also done a considerable amount to produce HIV awareness and work to benefit those who suffer from it.

3. LinkedIn

Linkedin, one of the world's main employment networking sites, has expanded its efforts to promote opportunities for refugees.

Their work seeks to help refugees find employment and training opportunities. Seeing as this year's Day of Social Justice theme is "Workers on the Move: The Quest for Social Justice," LinkedIn fits perfectly with the other businesses on this list.

Want to Join the Ranks?

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Check out this list of nonprofit organizations fighting for social justice here for inspiration, or simply search for the nonprofit organization of your choosing within Pledgeling's cause database.

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