Caring for Kids with Cancer

70 Windy Hills Ln,
Mc Ewen, TN 37101,

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Caring for Kids with Cancer works to make a brighter future for the kids that are affected with cancer and to also help their families deal with the struggles that childhood cancer can bring. CFKC is unique in the fact that it focuses more on the kid rather than the cancer. CFKC supports research and believes that in order to beat the disease, research is the very key that is needed to find the cure. It supports funds for this research but however it is not our main goal. We focus more on the child of today. Like we said research is great, but sadly those of today will never see its wonders. CFKC realizes this and works to bring joy and happiness to the kids sitting in those very rooms now. We want them to know that someone cares about them, and that there are people out there, that have their back. We work to give them gifts like teddy bears and t-shirts, which serve as a physical reminder of the love of many others. We work also to help their families like with gas cards in order to allow them to spend more time and thought on their kids, instead of financial worries. We do this all because we want to help others. Helping others drive every action that the organization does. So if you want to make a difference and make the world a better place, then join us as we change the world, one smile at a time.