Race Forward

145 East 57th St. Floor 4,
New York, NY 10022,

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Race Forward catalyzes racial justice movement building. We build strategies in partnership with communities, organizations, and sectors to advance racial justice in our policies, institutions, and culture.

Race Forward imagines a just, multiracial, democratic society, free from oppression and exploitation, in which people of color thrive with power and purpose.

Fundamentally, Race Forward’s work to advance racial justice is embedded in the following core values:
- People of Color: We value the voices, experiences, cultures, intellect and multi-dimensionality of people of color.
- Justice: We value fairness, the best foundation for unity among all people.
- Transformation: We value the ability of individuals and systems to change in ways that make racial justice possible. We recognize the importance of struggle in fueling transformation.
- Bridging: We value the insights, relationships and holistic understandings that are deepened when divergent paths come together.
- Expression: We value voicing and sharing our viewpoints with integrity even when difficult, unpopular or risky.
- Adaptability: We value relevance and resourcefulness in the face of changing social, economic, political and ideological environments.
- Delight: We value making space for laughter, beauty, and joy in the work of social change.



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