Donating Should be Easy.
With Pledgeling it is.

Why Donating Matters

From positive chatter on social media, attracting millennials, higher levels of employee productivity and morale, to just plain good karma, there are dozens of reasons why individuals and brands should support causes they care about.

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90% of Americans are more likely to trust brands that back social causes.

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83% of Americans want more of the products, services, and retailers they use to support causes.

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90% of consumers say they would switch to a competitor's brand if associated with a social cause.

Features and Benefits


Software Built for Your Success

Our payment and disbursement processing is secure, compliant, and efficient, allowing us to keep our costs low, a benefit we pass along to our customers. Pledgeling also verifies each 501(c)(3) nonprofit before allowing money to be collected on its behalf, so donations only go to legitimate recipients.

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4x the conversion rate compared to standard donation platforms

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10,000 Verified nonprofits in database

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100+ Strategic partnerships developed with leading nonprofits focused on impact.

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"757 million people around the world lack basic literacy. With so much at stake for families and communities, Pearson has launched Project Literacy. Pledgeling has been an invaluable partner with us on this journey. By leveraging their mobile-optimized donations platform, we've expanded grassroots support and given people concrete ways to make a difference."