Social Enterprise Spotlight: The Giving Keys

November 28, 2018


At Pledgeling we celebrate those forward-thinking businesses that would put the needs of their communities at the forefront of their efforts.

One such business is The Giving Keys, which supports its community by providing enriching job opportunities for those transitioning out of homelessness. The business champions the idea that our pasts do not define our futures, and that dreams can be achieved through hard work.

Their product is simple: keys. Keys and pieces of jewelry with bold words like Dream, Create and Inspire stamped into them. Their impact, though, is powerful.

Pledgeling is proud to partner with The Giving Keys, helping them share their impact through our Impact Calculator. We're proud to serve social enterprises in whatever capacity we can.


From donation processing to facilitating mobile engagement, we're to help you make an impact. Karma aside, there are some real business perks that come with giving. Not only do communities benefit, but businesses do too.

90% of Americans trust and support companies that are associated with a cause. Further, 64% of consumers believe it's important to make purchases from those companies. That means the more you give, the more support you get to keep giving.

We'll be there to help the whole way through. From creating a video for your brand to starting a mobile donation platform, the process is seamless and entirely beneficial to you and those you support.

At Pledgeling we pay tribute to those who are fighting the good fight. The Giving Keys has generated almost 140,000 hours of quality work for people transitioning out of homelessness. Whether you're on a large scale like them or just getting started, keep up the good work.

If you're in the early stages of your social enterprise, take some leadership advice from The Giving Keys' founder here. Happy Social Enterprise Day!