Saving African American Families

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Cincinnati, OH 45227,

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SAAF Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to promote the betterment of the lives African Americans. We fulfill our mission by offering workshops, programs and outreach campaigns. We emphasize biblical teachings and God's Plan for our lives. Although our services are open to everyone, basically our programs are designed for African Americans. Why? Statistics show that African Americans are more at risk than any other culture group in this country in every major category of life. Whether its health, divorce rate, out of wedlock births, poverty or single headed households, African Americans are well below the national averages. A large number of African Americans profess to be practicing Christians, and are passionate about their faith. Saving African American Families is committed to calling our culture back to blending our faith into our family life, marriage, health as well as everyday living. We offer education, training and awareness in the following areas to support our goals:

  • Marriage Education
  • Marriage Enhancement
  • Pre-Marital Education
  • Healthy Relationships and Lifestyles
  • Family Finances
  • Effective Parenting
  • Strengthening the Family
  • Family Health and Wellness
  • Responsible Fatherhood

We partner with churches, other faith based organizations, community and businesses to provide education and information to strengthen our families and in turn benefits our entire community. Why not join us? We provide programs and training's for individuals, churches, schools, agencies and community businesses. We can also provide referrals to other community resources. We are here to make the lives of those around us healthier and happier. “Blending Faith with Health and Family”